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Sit-On-Top Kayak
Cobra, USA

New generation. With the Tandem you get a lightweight design (only 57 pounds!), a top deck design that allows for 3 seats and easy to paddle. Many other companies’ 2 person kayaks are very heavy they are also difficult to paddle solo.

Fish 'N Dive

Fish N’ Dive, the ultimate fishing/diving kayak. Stable hull. One centrally located seat and a smaller reversed “companion jumpseat” near the bow for another passenger or additional gear. An even larger tank well is located in the stern and holds up to 3 tanks! Scuba divers love this unique arrangement that allows for heavy loads and provides a stable platform. The Fish N’ Dive also can be fitted with an optional motor bracket for an electric trolling engine or a small outboard engine. There is no other kayak this size that offers as much storage space!


Tourer has it all-speed, stability, ample storage, and good accessibility. The Tourer is a sit-on-top design that incorporates a large dive tank well for extra storage. Easy to paddle and highly maneuverable, this model is available with an optional rudder system. This is the “kayak of the year” for touring, diving, fishing or just local paddling. The Tourer just can’t be beat!


For years people have been searching for the ultimate all-around kayak. Our Explorer may be as close as you can get to the “perfect” all-purpose boat. Stable, fast and with superb tracking, the versatile Explorer also has an oversized external rear tank well which is great for storing all types of equipment and gear. For fishing and camping there is a flush foredeck with plenty of space.


A radical surf machine, the Strike has two revolutionary built-in ridges that run lengthwise underneath along the rail. This design feature allows for exceptional holding on the waves and improved turning ability. Although the Strike was designed primarily for use in the surf, this model can also be used as a play boat on flat water. Forgiving for novices, great for intermediates; and it really rips for the experts. A slim, narrow profile and exaggerated rocker increases mobility. With low volume, it reduces drag while giving a fast exciting ride. Two foot straps keep legs in the correct position.


Innovative and absolutely unique, the three-piece Traveler answers the question of traveling with a kayak. The  Traveler combines the convenience of a folding or inflatable kayak with the high performance and durability of a rotomolded polyethylene. Each section of the Traveler is completely sealed to maintain water-tight integrity.


Play, a fun compact model that will fit even the big boys! Designed for the fast paced life, for those people always on the go, this is a kayak that can quickly be launched and will provide endless fun. Great for exploring any waterway, the Play is a must have.

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